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In 2015, the Huntington WV Police Department led all police departments in the state with 530 DUI arrests, and 65% of them were drug related. 

Huntington Police Chief Joe Ciccarelli stated that the high number of drug DUIs is due to how drug deals are done: Buyers and sellers meet in public places, inject drugs on the spot in their cars and drive away.


Even though there has been a spike in drug overdose related wrecks in Huntington this year, the police chief stated that the overall drug overdose numbers are similar to last year – approximately 900. He added that the higher DUI arrest numbers may be attributed to better trained police officers.

Ciccarelli pledged that the city would put more police officers on the street to crack down on DUI drivers.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys who specialize in suing drunk drivers in Virginia are concerned about the increase in drugged drivers in West Virginia. DUI in West Virginia is prosecuted with these two standards of evidence: 

  • Common law: For DUI, this consists of proof that the person was physically or mentally unable to drive due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol. Common law evidence that is admissible in court includes results from a field sobriety test, descriptions of driver appearance and eyewitness accounts.
  • Per se: The results of the blood or breath test that is given by the police. That result however is not needed for a DUI conviction based upon common law evidence.

In West Virginia, people who suffer personal injuries in a car accident due to a drugged or drunk driver can sue the driver for their personal injuries. They also can sue them for punitive damages.

Our Virginia personal injury attorneys are experienced in suing convicted drunk drivers. The money won in court can be very helpful for the injured victim to recover their health, as well as their lost wages.

Our personal injury law firm had a $3.5 million verdict in the case of a drunk driver who caused terrible injuries to our client. Here the words of the victim of drunk driving with serious personal injuries as she describes what happened to her.

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