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I am a baby boomer lawyer and love to be on the road in my daily commute from the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina to my law office in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA). There are a lot of people my age who have taken up motorcycling for fun to enjoy the pleasure of the open road. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle or chopper can be very dangerous, typically because people driving cars and trucks don’t pay enough attention to people on motorcycles. If you get thrown off your bike and killed because of someone else’s fault, the emotional strain on your surviving widow and kids is going to be made even worse if they are also left with uncompensated financial losses from the accident. The economic damages to a family in a wrongful death case can include your lost wages, the financial support you provide your children, even adult children who go to college, and all of the stuff that you do around the house rather than calling a handyman. You need to make sure that you have the right mix of insurance coverage for yourself both on your motorcycle and on your other vehicles. Because of the high number of accidents involving no or too little insurance, the reason to carry the highest limits you can afford is to protect you and your family not just other motorists. Check out a law blog put in our law firm’s website on the topic of motorcycle wrecks and insurance done by my law partner John Cooper.

Shapiro, Cooper Lewis & Appleton personal injury law firm is based in Virginia, with offices in northeast NC and Virginia Beach (VA), practicing primarily in the southeastern U.S. and handles only injury law, including car, truck, railroad, and medical negligence cases and more. The firm’s website is:, the firm edits three injury law blogs: Virginia Beach Injuryboard & Norfolk Injuryboard, as well as the Northeast North Carolina Injuryboard and also hosts a video library covering many FAQ’s on personal injury subjects

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