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left_turn_lane2Making a left turn can be frustrating. It seems like there is always one slow car that prevents you from making the turn and then you have to wait for a slew of cars to pass before you get another opportunity. In some places there is a center lane set aside for cars trying to make left turns in either directions. This keeps the flow of traffic going while you are waiting. But what happens if as you are waiting to turn left a car pulls in front of you into the turn lane and wants to turn left as well. You were there first. Now that car is blocking your view. As frustrating as it is you should wait until the car has turned and you once again have a clear view before you attempt to turn. It may not be fair but it is the safest thing to do.

A recent accident in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) followed that very same recipe for disaster. Except the driver who had been waiting decided to turn at the same time as the 2nd driver who pulled in front. This proved to be a huge mistake and the 1st driver struck a car and sent it smashing across the sidewalk and into a pedestrian. The pedestrian was severely injured during the accident. The 2nd car who pulled in front crossed safely and did not strike anyone.

In 2007 the Federal Highway Administration reported there were 2.4 million crashes at intersections, representing 40 percent of all crashes, and one-fifth of all fatal crashes. Most intersection crashes fall under the category of “crossing paths,” and the most common path-crossing crashes, according to federal statistics, involve left turns. Of all the people who were involved in the afore mentioned left turn accident the one who was not at fault, the pedestrian, ended up being hurt the worst. The lawyers at Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton and Favaloro have seen the aftermath of pedestrian injuries and the pain and suffering that has followed. With patience, responsibility and common sense, you can avoid these terrible accidents that can leave pedestrians with life-long injuries and greatly diminished quality of life.


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