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Trial lawyers representing injured people have in recent years gained a huge advantage by sharing information over the internet with fellow plaintiff’s side lawyers through listserves or groups of lawyers with a common interest.

For years, defense lawyers have shared information with other lawyers representing big clients like insurance companies and corporations defending tort claims. These lawyers would go to national level meetings and talk about how to keep from having to pay for legitimate cases of injury and death caused by their clients. Many times the same huge law firm would represent the same at-fault party or defendant in many courts and many states. Those defense firms had an advantage over the individual plaintiff attorney fighting against the same big company on behalf of an individual.

One weapon, which the plaintiff’s bar has been using lately to balance the scales of justice, are listserves. Listserves allow attorneys in groups such as the American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) and state trial lawyer groups such as Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA) to talk with other lawyers representing individual victims. These listserves allow an injury attorney to find out the experience of other attorneys with a certain defendant, judge or jurisdiction. As we all know, information is power. This sharing of information has blossomed into an excellent system for getting better compensation for clients hurt by the negligence of another person or company.

I routinely monitor the daily exchange of blog information on ATLA and VTLA’s plaintiff’s only websites. I can ask other practitioners who I know and trust questions in our shared field of car wreck, railroad, and medical malpractice cases. Whenever I see someone requesting information, I try to share what I have with them. For example, if someone has an upcoming deposition with an insurance oriented doctor, I will send them my cross-examination of that same doctor in a recent trial. Most lawyers, especially some of the best lawyers in the state and the country, are extremely generous with their time and documents. By staying in touch with other lawyers, I keep most current on recent trends that will help me get the most for my personal injury clients.

Our firm prides itself on being current with the latest technology. By spending a lot of time on our own websites, blogs, and technology upgrades, we help ourselves to stay in better touch with our clients and the latest in personal injury methods. One thing you should look for in an attorney is someone who knows how to efficiently use the available weapons to bring justice home for people who are hurt because of someone else’s fault.

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