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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working on rules to require all new passenger cars, trucks, SUVs and vans to include backup camera technology by 2014. On average, experts speculate this addition will not come out of the manufacturers' pockets, but will instead be tacked onto the average price of a car — raising prices by about $200.

Driving in reverse is difficult for a majority of drivers. Drivers of large SUVs and minivans, in particular, have extra trouble backing out of driveways and parking spots, and if a pedestrian is crossing behind them, This results in hundreds of tragic accidents each year. Data cited by NHTSA indicate that more than 220 Americans die each year because they were backed over. About 17,000 injuries occur in such accidents.

As a car accident attorney, I’ve seen my fair share of accidents in which pedestrians got hit because a driver simply couldn’t see them when backing up. The NHTSA’s proposal is a good one. Even with the costs of the backup camera technology added to the price of a new car, the accidents it could prevent make it well worth the cost.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident involving a driver who didn’t see you behind their car, consider consulting with an experienced attorney. We can fight for the justice you deserve as the victim of someone else’s carelessness.


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    Do you know if the proposed rule is up for comment? Does the proposed rule have a name or docket id? Thank you for the article and information

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