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Automakers are developing intelligent vehicle technology to warn drivers of impending accidents before they occur, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

In July 2001, companies gathered at a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conference to check out radar detection and wireless devices. In 2012, NHTSA plans to test out vehicle-to-vehicle communication devices in communities throughout the US to see if the technology can actually perform on real roads, and in different weather conditions. Individuals in Virginia may be seeing cars that talk soon.

Ford has a system of car-to-car communication that warns a driver with an alarm to hit the brakes when the car is about to smash into another car. German-based Continental displayed a car equipped with sensors to trigger a steering wheel system that activated before an imminent collision, giving drivers without the strength to pull the wheel hard enough extra muscles.

It’s great the NHTSA is exploring intelligent vehicle technology for more active safety. In a moment, a car crash in VA can take away a life or cause serious injuries like traumatic brain damage or spinal cord injuries.


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