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A woman and five children suffered serious injuries when a stolen pickup truck slammed into a minivan on December 27 in a police chase in Herndon, Virginia. Police reported that all parties who were injured are still in the hospital. The pickup driver also was injured and is facing felony charges. 

One of the children was thrown from the van and had to be taken by helicopter to the hospital; he was in critical condition. The others have serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

bus accident

The serious Herndon, Virginia car accident was the climax of a crime spree that began at 6 PM in Hyattsville, Maryland. The police reported that a 28 year old man knocked on a Centreville, Virginia home door and struck the child who answered. He then left the scene ina stolen car.

The man crashed into a pickup truck, hit the driver and stole it. Then he stole a trailer and put it on the pickup and kept driving. Police pursued the man until he ran a red light in Centreville and hit the van. The man ran off but was captured by Herndon police.

Our View

Our Virginia personal injury attorneys hope that this suspect, if convicted, is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is tragic that such a grotesque disregard for public safety exists in any person. This man seriously injured several children and it is likely that he will face many years behind bars.

But what about the physical and mental injuries the children have suffered? Even if most of the injuries were not life threatening, they could face months of physical rehabilitation to get back to normal. And the child who is in critical condition could have permanent injuries or even die.

When you or a loved one is seriously injured due to the negligence of another person, you have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover financial damages. Months of medical care can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. While most people have health insurance, these policies have limits, and the negligent party should be held financially liable for the injuries his recklessness caused.

Our Virginia personal injury attorneys are proud of the past personal injury settlements we have won for our clients, such as this $3.5 million truck accident wrongful death settlement. The driver in the above case could face punitive damages as well, given the degree of recklessness exhibited, according to the news report.


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