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Under the terms of most health insurance policies, and in accordance with the law of many states, if you are injured as a result of the negligence of someone else and sustained serious personal injury, your health insurance company is required to pay for the medical care that is needed to treat your serious personal injuries.

This is true whether you sustain serious personal injuries as a result of a automobile accident, the negligence of a nursing home, the negligence of a doctor or the negligence of the nursing staff in a hospital. This ensures that when you make a recovery against the wrong doer, who caused your serious personal injuries, all of that recovery is used to compensate you for the pain and suffering that you have endured. However, in a recent effort to change federal law, the health insurance companies tried to obtain the passage of a bill that would require that any person who caused a personal injury and his or her liability insurance company would have to pay your health insurance company back for all the payments they had made on your behalf while treating your serious personal injuries before the person who sustained the injuries receive any money what so ever. Fortunately, this attempt by the health insurance industry to further enhance their corporate profits was defeated and, for the time being people who sustain serious personal injuries, will continue to be able to rely on their health insurance companies to pay the medical bill associated with curing those serious personal injuries.

Authored By: James C. Lewis, Esq.

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