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For some folks in Tidewater, Virginia (VA) it is a matter of pride that they are from Portsmouth, Virginia (VA) v. Newport News, Virginia (VA), v. Smithfield, Virginia (VA). When it comes to car wreck cases though, it makes no difference whether your injury lawyer works in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or Suffolk, Virginia (VA). The key is to get the best auto accident attorney available.

In a typical bodily injury insurance claim related to a motor vehicle accident, the client will only sit down face to face with his attorney on two occasions. The day that you sit down to sign the contract hiring the attorney is the first date that you will want to be seated side by side with the lawyer. The other day will be when the lawyer is handing you a check for the settlement proceeds, closing the case. Because our law firm, like most who handle lots of automobile accident cases, will come to you whether you are bed ridden at home or an inpatient in a hospital to sign you up for a serious injury matter, it may be that you only are in the lawyer’s office on one occasion in an average case. Most cases are resolved with out the necessity of filing suit after the organization of the medical records and negotiations which take place by phone. The ease of legal communication by email, fax, and overnight delivery also minimized the need for an injured client to be in his lawyer’s office in person. Even if a lawsuit ends up being required because the insurance adjuster is not being fair about the automobile claim, there is likely to be only one other in person visit in an office, for a deposition before the trial.

So it is not necessary that your lawyer be the closest law office to your home for your typical car, truck, or motorcycle accident case. It is far more important that the lawyer be someone who is smart, competent, and diligent. If you live in Chesapeake and your lawyers office is in Newport News, Virginia (VA) it really doesn’t make any difference. It’s not like a chiropractor, a family doctor, or a physical therapist who you are going to regularly go see so that convenience matters. It is more like going to a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully, you’re not going to see that medical specialist too many times. It’s much more important that you have a surgeon that is experienced in doing the procedure in question and who also has a good trust worthy manner. The difference between driving 15 minutes compared to 30 minutes to go to the office of the surgeon is secondary to finding the best surgeon that you can get. The same is true in finding the right injury trial lawyer for your car crash case. It’s far more important that you have an experienced injury attorney who is smart and ethical, than not having to drive so far on the one or two times that you may have to go to the person’s office.

I happen to live in Norfolk, Virginia (VA) and practice personal injury law in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA). I hope that my potential clients are wise enough to realize that if I am the right person for their accident case that is doesn’t matter if they are in Hampton, Poquoson, Isle of Wight, or Currituck County, North Carolina (NC). The quality of the legal representation is what matters not the name of the particular city or county where the lawyer happens to have his address.

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