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An 82-year-old man died in a two-vehicle wreck in Springfield, Virginia, according to local police. 

Police stated that at 8:15 AM, William H. Corum from Lorton, Virginia was traveling north on Alban Road in a Ford Mustang, while the driver of a Dodge Caliber was going south. For reasons that are not clear yet, the two cars slammed into each other in a violent, head-on crash.


The elderly man died at the scene, and the unnamed driver of the Dodge was treated for minor injuries.

The cause of the deadly Virginia car accident is still under investigation. The early reports indicated that speed could be a factor in the wreck, but alcohol probably was not a factor.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia Beach are sorry to hear of the death of this elderly man in Springfield. From the early police reports, it sounds as if speed could be a contributing factor to this deadly Fairfax County car accident.

As experienced personal injury attorneys in Virginia, we frequently work on litigation involving car accidents due to speeding and other reckless reasons. It is important to note that speeding is not merely going above the speed limit. It also includes driving too fast for conditions. If you are driving the speed limit at night in the pouring rain, it is possible you could have an accident, and you could be ticketed even if you were not going above the limit.

Speeding is against the law, and it is deadly. According to the US Census Bureau, there were 37,261 speed-related traffic deaths in the US in 2008. If people would slow down and obey speed limits, there is no doubt that many lives would be spared each year.

By not speeding, we increase our ability to adjust to curves in the road or any obstacles in our way. Going the speed limit also gives us more time to slow down in an emergency.

Another good reason to not speed is that if you are in an accident that causes serious injury or death and were speeding, you could face criminal charges that could put you in jail. On top of that, if you cause a death due to your negligent actions behind the wheel, you could be sued in a wrongful death lawsuit. In a serious personal injury lawsuit, you also could have to pay hundreds of thousands in damages, such as in this car accident settlement for $600,000 we litigated. 



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