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The Washington, DC Metro Board of Directors decided to create a relief fund totaling $250,000 for victims to help cover medical expenses, funerals, and other financial needs, according to

So far, nine people have been killed and over 50 people have been injured due to the Metro train accident, which occurred on June 22, 2009. Police are investigating the scene of the accident to try and determine the cause, but there is no official explanation at this time.

Many people are suggesting one of the Metro trains was equipped with outdated technology and the Board of Directors were reluctant to spend the necessary funds to update all of their trains. Our firm has written about the myriad of potential causes for the Metro train crash, but we have to wait until a full investigation is complete.

Here is a video providing details on the DC Metro crash investigation…

The DC Metro Board of Directors made a wise decision to allocate funds to assist victims with their medical expenses and families who lost a loved one with funeral costs, but if it’s determined this accident was caused by negligence on the part of s Metro train operator or a lack of sufficient upgrades by administrators for the trains, $250,000 will not be enough compensation.

As an injury lawyer with over two decades of experience, I’ve represented clients who’ve been severely injured due to horrendous accidents and the DC Metro accident is the worst in Metrorail history. The emotional ramifications for family members who lost a loved one are unquantifiable at this point.

Again, it’s a nice gesture on the Board of Director’s part, but certainly not the end. In addition to properly compensating injured victims and family members who lost a loved one, additional funds must be allocated to properly updating the safety features of these Metro trains. Steps must be taken to ensure this never happens again.

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