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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

More infant deaths have prompted the recall of another half million drop side cribs. This is at least the third such action by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission since October 2009.

The recall of Generation 2 Worldwide and ChildESIGNS cribs sold through Buy Buy Baby, Kmart, Walmart and other stores throughout the United States early last decade comes after CPSC received 20 reports of deaths and injuries caused by the cribs. One of the infants killed was a 6-monthold boy in Staunton, Virginia (VA), who suffocated when he got trapped between a crib wall the mattress. Other children have choked in the cribs or fallen out because sides designed to slide up and down broke free.

The Generation 2 Worldwide and ChildESIGNS cribs have many of the same design defects and risks as those described in the following video concerning an earlier recall of Stork Craft Cribs:

In alerting parents to this latest recall, the CPSC is warning parents–in bold letters–"Do not attempt to fix these cribs." Anyone with an affected crib should contact the store where they purchased the product or the CPSC at

The recall is necessary, and the independent organization that issues standards for the production of safe and effect consumer products disqualified any drop side cribs and hardware designed to permit crib walls to slide from receiving certification. In December 2009, ASTM panelist withdrew all standards for those items.

The problem with the CPSC’s action is that it may have come too late to protect many babies. The company that Generation 2 and ChildESIGNS cribs went out of business in 2005. While many of the cribs may still be in use, just as many or more could have been discarded by parents after their child suffered a serious or fatal injury.

Regulators and companies need to respond quickly to known safety issues. When they do not, people can die. And, with unsafe cribs, the victims are the most vulnerable people of all.

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