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John Kohn was a young police recruit with an interest in protecting and serving the Norfolk, Virginia (VA) community. Sadly, he will never get the chance to fulfill his goal of becoming a Norfolk police officer. He was killed after receiving multiple violent blows to the head by a police instructor, according to

At first, the Norfolk Police Department tried to minimize the vicious attack and claimed that an earlier collision with another recruit was the cause of Mr. Kohn’s brain injury. However, recent video shows a different set of events. The video shows a police instructor brutally beating Mr. Kohn until he went limp. Below is a news report showing the video of Mr. Kohn’s attack…

Dead recruit's family attorney speaks:

"It is disturbing to us to learn that there was a whole lot more information about what happened to Mr. Kohn, and how it happened that we were led to believe by the police department," said firm attorney Jim Lewis who is representing the estate.

James C. Lewis is representing Mr. Kohn’s family and is doing everything he can to reveal more information about this awful attack that led to a tragic traumatic brain injury death. Jim compared this brain injury death to NFL football players who now have increased awareness of concussions andwho must sit out of games if they get concussions.

Jim said the way the city handled the flow of information has created suspicions rightly or wrongly.

Our firm has experience handling serious brain injury cases and has learned about medical evidence and proof to support serious brain injuries. About 10 years ago, we attained a $46 million mild traumatic brain injury verdict (at the time the largest brain injury verdict in VA history) for a traumatic brain injury victim who was crushed inside a gas station after a Norfolk Southern train derailed and smashed into the building. With interest, the total verdict was $60 million. However, concussions and brain injuries have been in the news repeatedly in the last year due to the NFL's growing awareness of how "mild" brain injuries can cause permanent injuries or even deaths.

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