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Mesothelioma is a cancer, which is always fatal, and has only one known cause, namely, exposure to asbestos dust.

Because the cause of asbestos is so clearly linked to this horrible cancer, wrongful death cases associated with the disease are easier to win. When a railroad or other corporation exposes its workers to asbestos dust, they know that a good injury lawyer will be able to prove that the asbestos caused the mesothelioma.

A personal injury lawyer handling a mesothelioma case still has to prove exposure. This means that the lawyer must show some reasonable proof how and when the victim got the asbestos dust in his body. This can sometimes be difficult, where the worker has already been killed by the cancer. However, we are often able to prove the exposure by help from co-workers and records that have been collected in the past showing where and when asbestos was used and linking that to when the worker was present.

One of the scariest aspects of mesothelioma is how little asbestos dust is needed to cause the disease. Sometimes the worker would come home with just a bit of asbestos dust and his wife or children would get the disease from coming into contact with the clothing. Mesothelioma is a heartbreaking killer because it was avoidable for a long time in that corporations and insurance companies knew that the substance was dangerous, but continued to expose workers to it.

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