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| Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Virginia State Police are investigating a deadly dump truck crash in Petersburg, Virginia on Jan. 30.

The police stated that the fatal dump truck crash involved three other vehicles. 

bus accident

The crash happened near Wagner Road in Petersburg. Two dump trucks were traveling on Rt. 460, and the second dump truck did not see the light at the intersection had gone red. That dump truck hit a car that had the right of way on Wagner Road.

The 23 year old woman in that car was killed in the crash.

The same dump truck also hit two other vehicles, and four people in those suffered minor injuries as well.

Our View

 The Virginia CDL manual states clearly that it is important for commercial truck drivers to always be observing the road when they are driving and to never be distracted. It is possible that this truck driver was distracted by a cell phone or something else and a deadly crash resulted.

According to the US government, 3179 people died in distracted driving wrecks in 2014. These wrecks are almost always preventable, and are especially inexcusable when they involve a commercial truck driver.

Our Virginia personal injury attorneys have experience with a tragic truck crash where distracted driving likely played a role. Our clients in Virginia Beach were violently rear ended by a tractor trailer when they were sitting at a red light. The truck driver was either distracted or fell asleep and slammed into our clients’ car at 40 MPH.

According to witnesses, the truck driver never slowed down at all. The car was essentially run over by the big rig. Unfortunately, our clients’ children were in the back seat, and both of them suffered traumatic brain injuries in the collision.

This was a complicated truck crash case because the children appeared on the surface to be largely normal. But we were able to show with CT scans and MRIs that the children had substantial damage to the brain.

We were able to show as well that both children would need extensive medical care to overcome their brain injuries as muych as possible. We eventually settled on a $5.5 million structured annuity which will pay out $21 million approximately over the years. This will be essential to ensure that our clients are able to get the medical care they need.

Our Virginia personal injury attorneys always want to stress that truck drivers must carefully obey the rules of the road; there is just too much at stake. Serious injuries and death can occur in a truck accident.


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