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| Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Florida has one of the highest number of motorcycle riders, and also one of the highest motorcycle fatality rates. Everyone who ride a motorcycle there is taught in classes to always keep a close eye on other drivers around them. Many car drivers do not see motorcycle riders until it is too late to prevent a serious accident. 

The problems with motorcycle accidents in FL is why a teenager in Port St Lucie FL last week who was tired of losing friends to motorcycle wrecks held a silent protest on the side of the road. She held up signs on Friday last week in memory of his close friends and family who died in these crashes in the last year.


In August 2015, she lost his big brother in a crash, where the car pulled out in front of him and killed him. Next it was a close friend of hers where a truck pulled out in front and the biker flipped over the car and died.

Finally, her boyfriend sadly was hit and killed by a drunk driver.

In all of these motorcycle accidents, the bikers were not speeding and were wearing helmets.

Our View

Our personal injury attorneys in Virginia know that many car drivers do not pay enough attention when they are driving. Many car drivers simply do not look for motorcycle drivers and this can cause fatal accidents.

We represented a nurse in a motorcycle personal injury case where the car driver did not see the bike. In the resulting crash, she had major back fractures, broken ribs, a head injury and liver contusions. We settled that personal injury case for $1 million, but we wish that the car driver had been paying attention and had not caused this terrible accident.


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