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A premises liability lawsuit recently filed in Texas against Hyatt Corp is a good example of how business owners can be held liable when they are negligent in keeping visitors to their property safe. The victim’s real name may not be familiar to readers – Michael Lee Aday – but his stage name is sure to ring a bell – Meat Loaf. The incident occurred in May 2019, when the 72-year-old singer was hired to perform at a convention held at the hotel. The company sponsoring the convention is also named in the lawsuit.




According to the lawsuit, Aday was participating in a question-and-answer session from the stage. While setting up the stage, the defendants hung curtains from the back of the stage, however, these curtains hid where the stage ended, giving a false appearance that the stage was wider than it actually was. When Aday walked off the stage, he walked up to where the curtains were and fell off the stage. A video of the singer falling off the stage taken by an audience member can be seen here.

Aday was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after the fall. He spent a total of 42 days hospitalized, suffering serious injuries to his collarbone, neck, and shoulder in the fall. He still is still receiving medical treatment and physical therapy for these injuries and has not been able to perform since the accident occurred.

The lawsuit contends that the Hyatt and convention host failed to put warning tape or any other safety barrier to keep anyone on the stage from falling off, creating a dangerous hazard for anyone walking off the stage.

In the lawsuit, the singer alleges that:

  • The defendants failed to identify potential hazards using a raised stage by performing a risk assessment
  • The defendants used a curtain to hide a dangerous condition
  • The defendants failed to place warnings on the edges of the stage
  • The defendants failed to put a barrier at the back of the stage
  • The defendants failed to take the steps to keep participants safe

The lawsuit also lists multiple damages including past and future medical expenses, past lost wages, loss of earning capacity, past and future pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

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