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| Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The man in Austin TX who has been of accused of trying to injure or kill people by throwing rocks at moving vehicles on I-35 is facing a charge of aggravated assault in a case that left a man in Austin with brain damage.

The suspect, a 59 year old Austin man, was arrested last week because he was suspected by police of throwing rocks into traffic on the interstate in downtown Austin.


The aggravated assault charge is the most serious against the man yet, which arose from the attack where an Austin musician was hit in the head with a rock that smashed through his windshield in June 2014. That attack left him with brain damage and not able to talk. He only can walk with a cane.

Police have noted at least nine occasions when the alleged rock thrower was found to be in the area of rock throwing incidents reported to the police. In some instances, the accused called 911 to report a rock throwing attack. In others, a license plate reader placed his vehicle in the area.

Our View

Our traumatic brain injury attorneys in our Virginia office are shocked that someone could intentionally injure another person in such a terrible fashion. Head injuries are devastating and the person is often never the same again.

We represented a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury when a train derailed and crashed into his store. We were able to secure a $46 million settlement in that case, but nonetheless, he will always struggle with his injuries.

People who have head injuries due to the careless actions of another party should read our Traumatic Brain Injury Guide so they can learn about how to pursue legal action against the at-fault party.


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