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What is the leading cause of truck accidents in the United States? Well, with the recent influx of arctic weather conditions, you may think it’s climate and road conditions. Although these factors play a part in trucking accidents, they are not the main cause of most serious commercial truck wrecks.

It turns out that driver error – be it from impaired driving, negligent driving habits, or exhausting work schedules – remains the leading cause of accidents nationwide.

Commercial truck drivers are 10 times more likely to be the cause of their own accidents when compared to weather, road conditions and vehicle performance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) cited prescription medication, over-the-counter drugs, speeding, fatigue, and driver inattention as contributing factors leading to driver error, and an increase in serious commercial trucking accidents.

Of the many conditions that may affect truck drivers, the following were cited by the FMCSA as the most prevalent, and preventable:

– Fatigue – Drivers have required daily limits on drive time, and have federally mandated maximum hours they can drive daily, and per week. If driver fatigue played a part in your trucking accident or injury, the driver may have been in violation of the hours of service rules.

– Drug Use – Drivers are not supposed to use controlled substances without a prescription from a licensed physician, although many still do. Drivers are defeating drug testing synthetic urine, and circumventing the federal system. Although there are new laws in place to prevent such tampering, it still does occur.

– Driver Error/Negligence – Driver error can mean a number of different things. Many drivers fail to check blind spots when changing lanes or merging, many drive too fast or attach their trailers incorrectly. All of these factors can contribute to the cause of an accident and make the road less safe for those who use it.

Whether you’re a motorist who has been injured in a truck-related accident, or a trucker that has been accused of negligent driving, we have resources that can help. Contact an attorney immediately to protect your rights, and keep you safe on the road.


  1. Gravatar for Ron Melancon
    Ron Melancon

    Negligent truck drivers? How about negligent neighbors who drive homemade trailers? Or how about 12 states that you don't have a registration for a defective homemade trailer? How about 5 Americans who have been destroyed by Homemade trailers and after 8 years one murder has been solved!!! One in Virginia Two in South Carolina and one in Georgia have no closure! Since 1975 over 19,000 killed and since 1988 over 1,000,000 injured by People who tow Trailers even homemade and you are worried by big trucks? Go to dangeroustrailers. Org and wake up

  2. Gravatar for Jason

    Sorry, but you're wrong. There has been plenty of research on this, though you apparently didn't actually read any. The vast majority of car-on-truck accidents are the fault of the driver of the car, not the semi driver. I think the lastest stats were something like 68% of fault was on the car. Get your facts straight.

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