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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

Diabetes is a serious disease that negatively impacts countless people on a daily basis. In fact, according to the CDC, there are nearly 24 million people suffering from diabetes in the United States. But while diabetes undoubtedly negatively impacts the people affected by it, the disease can also negatively impact others. Specifically, people who are not suffering from diabetes can be adversely affected by those who have diabetes, if those living with diabetes don’t take the necessary precautions to control the effect of the disease. A recent car accident in Virginia Beach demonstrated that danger.

An at-fault driver, living with diabetes, recently suffered a hypoglycemic event, passed out, and slammed into another driver’s car. The other driver suffered a serious shoulder injury that still hasn’t healed. The problem is that this car wreck, caused by the at-fault driver’s medical condition, was not an isolated incident. Nevertheless, the at-fault driver’s insurance company treated the case as such and was not willing to properly compensate the victim.

The insurance company’s explanation however, was not simply accepted. Instead, the at-fault driver’s medical records were subpoenaed and it was revealed that the at-fault driver had a history of car wrecks caused by his medical condition and he was well aware that he could suffer a hypoglycemic event while driving. Not surprisingly, upon learning of this evidence, the insurance company was eager to settle. They did so for a sum of $215,000. The money will go toward the injured driver’s medical expenses, rehabilitation, and the pain and suffering associated with a seriously injured shoulder.

There is no doubt that diabetes is a serious disease that millions of Americans have to battle on a daily basis. There is also no doubt that those people face difficult daily treatment to control the disease. However, with the proper treatment and dedication the disease can at least be controlled. It is crucial that those affected by diabetes do all in their power to control the disease, not only to maintain their own health, but to protect the lives of others as well.

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