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diIt seems like you can’t open up your e-mail these days or browse the internet without seeing ­sidebar adds promoting “all natural” cure-alls for products that promise cure almost anything including diabetes. As our population continues to age so does the number of people diagnosed with diabetes. The FDA warns that drugs and supplements that claim to cure diabetes are flooding the market place through online pharmacies and internet orders.

The FDA has issued letters to 15 different companies who are currently selling these dangerous drugs that may contain harmful ingredients or may be otherwise unsafe, or may improperly be marketed as over-the-counter (OTC) products when they should be marketed as prescription products. Some of these “all natural” products were tested and found to contain active ingredients found in prescription drugs to treat type 2 diabetes.

Some of the claims include:
•Lower your blood sugar naturally.”
•”Lowers A1C levels significantly.”
•”You’ll lower your chances of having eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and heart disease!”
•”It can replace medicine in the treatment of diabetes.”
•”For Relief of Diabetic Foot Pain.”

Companies that manufacture, promote and sell dangerous drugs to desperate and pain stricken people are profit driven and know what they are doing is wrong, especially after being contacted by the FDA. There is no excuse for this kind of commerce to continue and if you have been harmed by taking a dangerous drug, hiring an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer such as Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton and Favaloro is a must. Manufacturers and sellers of these types of drugs will argue their case by claiming there is nothing wrong with the product and that the victim is sick from something else. Research must be done to gather the legal evidence that will validate your claim and force the insurance company and seller/manufacturer to pay a settlement.


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