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If you own a Starbucks Barista Blade Grinder or a Seattle’s Best Coffee Blade Grinder, stop using the device immediately. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced these particular coffee grinders may turn on inadvertently or fail to turn off and injure a user. Starbucks announced a voluntary recall of the Barista Blade Grinder and Seattle’s Best Coffee Blade Grinder. Individuals who own these devices are able to obtain a free replacement.

There were 176 reports of the Barista Blade Grinder and Best Coffee Blade Grinder not turning off, or turning on without warning. There are three reports of lacerations (i.e. severe cuts) from users of the product.

The particular coffee grinders have been sold in Starbucks stores since 2002 and roughly 530,000 units have been recalled. Both were manufactured in China.

This isn’t the first time Starbucks had to recall a popular product. The Starbucks ceramic teapots, also sold exclusively in Starbucks stores and manufactured in China, were recalled due to the handles becoming extremely hot after being heated in the microwave. This is despite a label on the teapots stating they were “microwavable safe.” Users can return the teapots for a full refund and a $5 dollar gift card.

A $5 dollar gift card is minor compensation when compared to the $3.5 million dollar settlement Starbucks paid to a woman who suffered severe injuries from an exploding cappuccino machine. The plaintiff, Dawn Samperisi of Glen Cove, Long Island developed an involuntary nervous system after burning her right hand and eventually lost use of her right arm.

As an injury lawyer practicing for over two decades, it’s always upsetting to hear about a commonly used product malfunctioning and injuring people. I successfully handled a prior injury case involving a hotel coffee carafe being used by a hotel guest, and when he attempted to place the glass carafe back on the burner, the handle broke and the glass cut important tendons in our client’s hand, requiring later surgery.

I strongly advise you to speak with an attorney if you own any of the Starbucks coffee products, or any coffee device, and have suffered an injury as a result of using these products.


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