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| Shapiro, Appleton & Washburn

A man is suing AMFM LLC in Charleston, West Virginia, which is the owner of a nursing home where the man’s wife was a resident in 2015. The lawsuit alleges that Lula Jarvis died in the care of the nursing home as a result of injuries sustained there on Nov. 28, 2015. 

The woman allegedly suffered from falls and trauma that led to her death, the suit states.


The defendants in the lawsuit were aware of the woman’s medical condition and the care she needed, the lawsuit alleges when they represented that they would be able to provide for her needs.

The suit also claims that the firm made representations to the family that proper care would be given to the woman when the company knew that budget restrictions on supplies and staffing would prevent her from getting the care she needed.

The court documents further state that the defendants were negligent and committed medical malpractice as well as malice and/or gross negligence.

Our View

The problem of nursing home abuse is a large and growing problem in America today. Our population is getting older, and more people are spending their elder years in nursing homes. National statistics indicate that there are at least 2 million cases of elder abuse reported annually. It is expected that one out of 10 elderly will experience some type of elder abuse.

Worse, most parties who work with the elderly on nursing home abuse, such as those in the legal system, say that most abuse incidents are never reported.

From 1999 to 2001, about 1/3 of all nursing homes in the US were cited for some type of violation of a federal standard that could lead to harm or did harm a nursing home resident. Approximately 10% of these homes had a violation that posed a serious risk of death or injury. And approximately 40% of nursing home residents have reported some type of abuse.

Families should understand that they should be on the watch for signs of elder abuse in their loved one. For example, look for any signs of physical abuse on your loved one, such as bruises, pressure marks, abrasions or burns. Also, note any signs of emotional abuse, such as withdrawing from normal activities or any sudden bouts of depression.

Our Virginia nursing home abuse lawyers want to remind you to talk to your loved one regularly to ensure that they are being treated properly in their nursing home. If they are not and they suffer some type of injury, they could be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.


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