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A Virginia Tech professor is advancing research to reduce football brain injuries, according to Daily Press.

The professor of biomedical engineering at Virginia Tech might not have all the answers on safety of football helmets, but he has gathered a lot of data on the safety of helmet makes and models over the last eight years. He and his research team at Virginia Tech have dropped helmets from five different heights to see how much force reaches the skull and recorded the impacts. Virginia Tech Hokies football players’ helmets have gotten into the game by outfitting their helmets with sensors to allow the Virginia Tech research team to chart the impacts.

This research should go a long way in treating traumatic brain injury. A TBI is a traumatically induced structural injury or disruption of brain function caused by an external force.

Treatment of TBI is done on a case-by-case basis. The Virginia Tech research should prompt brain injury professionals to study ways to treat TBI for those who suffer brain damage from car accidents, slip and falls and other accidents. If you or a loved one suffer TBI resulting from an accident, you may need the assistance of Virginia personal injury lawyers to recover justice against the responsible parties.


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