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With an enormous assortment of diabetes drugs currently on the market, the United States Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on illegal or potentially-dangerous drugs marketed from within and without the U.S. 

Diabetes affects over twenty-five million Americans, and there is a wide range of treatments available to help mitigate the disease’s effects. However, the FDA reports that many companies, some of them from outside the country, are selling medicines and herbal supplements that are unapproved and potentially dangerous for consumers and patients.

The law stipulates that only drugs approved by the FDA can make health claims; however, many of these unapproved drugs are advertised as an effective treatment of diabetes. One drug, for example, called “Diabetes Daily Care,” is an herbal supplement that contains cinnamon and other “natural” constituents; it is advertised as “safely and effectively [improving] sugar metabolism,” a claim which it is legally unable to make.

The FDA has issued warning letters to the various companies in violation of the law; it has also advised consumers to avoid purchasing products from online pharmacies, a type of shop the agency has also been diligent in cracking down on. Consumers, especially those with health issues that need to be properly treated, should be wary of unsubstantiated health claims and potentially-bogus online marketers that may attempt to sell them products that either do not work or, worst of all, may exacerbate their illnesses.

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