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Wrongful Death Cases and Family Stress

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When our law firm handles a wrongful death matter in a car accident case in Virginia (VA), North Carolina (NC) or elsewhere, we try to not only do a great job at getting the most money we can from the insurance company, but also helping the survivors to cope with the emotional toll that the situation has put the family into when someone has been killed as the result of the fault of another driver.

Likewise, when I as a veteran FELA lawyer help a family whose relative has been killed by mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos in railroad work, I have to use all my skill at hearing what the family’s financial and emotional needs are to make sure that those needs are addressed. A good recovery may allow them to move on with their lives as best as possible. This delicate hand holding in the context of wrongful death cases is discussed by my fellow lawyer John Cooper in a recent article he put on our firm’s website.

I hope for you that you never have someone struck down by the fault of another, but if it does, I hope you will have the wisdom to pick a lawyer who has the knowledge and compassion to help you through that difficult situation in the best possible way.