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3.5 Million settlement through mediation on wrongful death trucking accident

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The family of a Portsmouth, VA, man, 25, who was killed in a car accident agreed to a $3.5 settlement during mediation in Virginia.

The accident happened on Interstate 64 (I-64) in Norfolk, VA when a tractor-trailer rear ended the vehicle that was driving slowly due to a problem with a tire. Both vehicles caught fire and the young man, a passenger, lost his life.

During deposition, the trucker admitted he had not seen the passenger vehicle until seconds before the collision. However, our attorneys were able to establish that the trucker’s account of the accident, given to state troopers, was inaccurate.

The defense argued the driver caused the accident by driving slowly on the highway at 25 mph, at night, with no hazards on. John was able to convince the insurance company for the trucker that this defense would fail in a courtroom.

The firm discovered, through extensive investigation, that the trucker failed to adequately treat his diabetes despite doctor’s orders and was not properly taking his medication, prior to the crash. The defendant contested whether the diabetes was a cause of the crash. The attorneys working on this case were dedicated to getting justice for the young child of the decedent. All of their hard work resulted in a settlement that will help to cover the decedent’s daugther’s expenses as she grows up.

1 Comment

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  1. Chuck Adams says:
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    This is very sad news to everybody involved.Every driver training course should have to see this case. Big truck drivers and beginner drivers need to realize the life and death consequences of not thinking.