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Woman in Critical Condition With Sliced Small Intestine

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A 22 year-old woman who was having a tubectomy at a government health center in India recently is fighting for her life after the doctor accidently cut her small intestine rather than the fallopian tube.

The serious medical error, which could lead to death, happened at a government-organized event where Indian women were able to have a tubectomy performed at low cost.

The surgery occurred on July 24, but the mistake only was noticed four days later, when the patient complained of severe chest and abdominal pain.

She then was taken to a private hospital, where it was found that her small intestine had been perforated during surgery.

In our Virginia and North Carolina legal practice, we have seen a number of cases involving a perforated bowel or small intestine. Some of the consequences of a cut bowel or intestine include:

·         Serious infections: Bacteria from inside the intestine often will leak into the abdomen, which causes serious infection. Sepsis, or full body infection, often spreads fast and leads to death in some cases.

·         Re-perforation: A colon that has been damaged can be retorn days, months or years later. It can take the patient a long time to realize what has happened, and the risk for serious infection is high.

·         Blockage of intestine: An intestine that is blocked is very painful, very expensive to correct and threatens life.

·         Colostomy:  A cut colon could require a large section of intestine to be taken out to save the life. In some cases, the intestine has to be replaced by a colostomy bag, which collects waste outside the body – for life.

·         Death: If the infection from the cut intestine spreads too fast, a patient may go into shock and die.

Almost 200,000 people die from various medical mistakes in the US every year, including a perforated bowel, surgical instruments left in the body after surgery, and misdiagnosis. We hope that in the case above, the woman involved gets the medical care that she needs for a full recovery.

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro is a personal injury law firm based in North Carolina and Virginia. Its team of attorneys often deals with personal injury cases that involve medical malpractice and incorrect diagnoses.