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Riverside Regional Medical Center Puts Profits Above Patient Safety

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Thirty-two Anesthesiologists on the Peninsula in Virginia (VA) have been dismissed from Riverside Regional Medical Center over contract disputes. These are anesthesiologists with over 500 years of experience in anesthesiology and who play a vital role in various surgical procedures. The dismissal has far reaching implications. For example, the cardiac surgery program has been suspended at Riverside because there are no cardiac anesthesiologists.

Below are two videos featuring Dr. Paul Rein, president of Virginia Anesthesia and Perioperative Care Specialists and someone who has been working for Riverside since June of 1986, discussing the contract situation and some of the highly questionable actions taken by the company. I could try to explain what happened, but some of these stories are so outrageous that you really should hear it for yourself…


This second video features Dr. Rein talking about the change in philosophy at Riverside that is essentially putting profits ahead of patient safety…


I sincerely hope Riverside comes to their senses and brings back these Anesthesiologists to the Peninsula. Many patients are at risk right now of receiving poor care and/or suffering a serious injury due to a medical mistake by a replacement worker who does not have much experience or expertise in anesthesiology. Riverside must remember their first duty is to the patients, not to their pocket books.

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