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PA Jury Awards $44 Million to Patient in Med Mal Lawsuit

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A jury in Philadelphia PA awarded $44 million to a woman who suffered a major brain hemorrhage during treatment at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, according to media reports.

The jury determined that the hospital was 65% liable and the doctor on the case was 35% liable for not recognizing that the patient was having an adverse reaction to heparain, which is a blood thinner. She was being treated for a tumor on tissues that covers the brain.

med mal

The hemorrhage left the woman with a major brain injury, which paralyzed large portions of her body.

It is common for Americans to trust our doctors to care for us when we are sick, but medical mistakes are shockingly common. Every year, thousands of Americans are injured or killed due to a doctor’s error, yet most of them never file a legal claim. The fact is that more than 200,000 die each year from medical mistakes.

Some of the most common types of medical malpractice across the US include:

  • Defective products, including medical devices and drugs
  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Surgical mistakes

If you ever think you have a potential medical malpractice case, we urge you to review our free guide Top 10 Tips from Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers.

This helpful guide will explain to you some of the complexities involved in medical malpractice cases. As always, you should consult with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer if you ever are injured by a doctor while under his care. Your experienced attorney may be able to help you win a large settlement or verdict for your injuries.