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More Death And Bad Results On The Weekends Was The Result Of A Recent Study Of Hospitals

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If you can avoid it, do not be in the hospital over a weekend when the less trained and inexperienced staff are in charge. This warning to avoid medical errors by timing your visits to the hospital is particularly true over holiday weekends like July 4th. The reason is simple in my opinion . All medical staff with seniority get off on the weekends and holidays. This leaves fewer experienced personnel to run the hospital during these times.

The study’s researchers cautioned not to ignore the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke because they occur on the weekend. Time is still of the essence in getting treatment for those kinds of problems. However, if you have a choice, try to avoid being a statistic by going to the hospital for anything elective on the weekend. Researchers are not sure why the risk of death was increased with weekend in-patient admissions. However, as the old saying goes, the hospital is no place for a sick person. All kinds of risks are present in a hospital beyond those related to the treatment of the underlying condition. For example, the risk of infection is always present in the hospital setting. Slips and falls are also always a possibility and are especially dangerous for older persons.

Given that almost 100,000 people die from medical mistakes in hospitals each year in the U.S., you should do everything you can to increase your chances of avoiding being the victim of a medical error. That 100,000 deaths does not even include people who were just injured or made worse by hospital malpractice. If you think that you or a family member has been a victim of medical negligence, please contact a competent attorney who specializes in these kinds of cases.