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Virginia (VA) Woman Suffers Brain Injury Caused by Teenagers in Automobile Collision

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According to an article in the Virginia Lawyers Weekly, a nurse from Falls Church, Virginia (VA), named Molly Raymond, suffered mild brain injury after being hit by two cars, both driven by teenagers. Because of the brain injury, she has no longer been able to work or continue her regular activities.

The lawsuit from this accident was pending in the Fairfax, Virginia (VA) Circuit Court. The insurance company lawyers stated that since there was no evidence of brain damage in her scans, she only had a psychological issue. As a Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney for decades, I know that this argument is misleading as scans often don’t show damage to the brain, just as a regular x-ray does not show damage to the spinal discs which are soft material. Raymond’s doctor testified that she had seen him for a neck injury, involving the accident, and she had no recollection of the meeting. The jury awarded a verdict in the amount of 2 million on May 11, 2007.

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