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Remember those tainted spinal steroid shots? We're not out of the woods.

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During last year's fungal meningitis outbreak, USA Today reported that epidural steroid patients were developing symptoms within 42 days of receiving a contaminated injection. A doctor with the CDC confirmed that a patient's risk declined as days passed. In a conference call this week, however, that same doctor had to advise medical professionals across the country to remain vigilant for symptoms.

"We are seeing some patients with very long incubation periods," said Dr. Tom Chiller, associate director for epidemiological science in the CDC’s division of foodborne, waterborne and environmental diseases. "We expect to see people getting infections months after their injections."

Each week, two to three new cases are reported, according to NBC News. That's bad news for NECC, the compounding pharmacy behind the tainted methylprednisolone shots. Since September 2012, more than 700 people have developed fungal meningitis infections and 48 people have died. The now-defunct company faces hundreds of lawsuits and the potential for more.

"An estimated 11,000 [people] actually received shots for back or neck pain," the CDC stated.

This means that although the problem seems to be well understood, more new cases of meningitis resulting from last year's outbreak may still be diagnosed as we go forward. Just like the medical professionals, YOU should also remain vigilint for any symptoms, and see your doctor if you believe you are suffering from those symptoms.

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