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Dairy Company Recalls Product Due to Incorrect Labeling

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A North Carolina dairy company has voluntarily recalled ice cream due to its being packaged in the wrong containers, which presents risks for some customers with certain food allergies.

Dairy Fresh, out of Winston-Salem, issued a recall of its IGA Brand Vanilla and Chocolate products that may actually be a different type of ice cream, the company reported. The mislabeled ice cream may contain soy, coconut and almonds, which are risks for consumers who have allergic reactions to the food types. The company reported at least one consumer who suffered an allergy attack after consuming the product.

Recalls happen fairly often in the food industry; earlier this year, both Bumble Bee Foods and Chicken of the Sea recalled some of their tuna products because of defective seals. As well, this February, Smithfield Packaging Company recalled nearly 40,000 pounds of sausage due to plastic pieces in the product.

The dangers of mislabeled or harmful food products are myriad: spoiled or contaminated food can cause serious illness and death, and mislabeled foods are a grave risk for consumers who have food allergies. Food recalls were noticeably higher than average at the end of 2012,illustrating the critical importance of safe food production and the necessity of both food companies and government authorities to be aware of the risks inherent in certain products, and to take necessary action to recall unsafe foods that are a danger to the public.