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Cadillac SUVs Subject to Recall Due to Faulty Wheels

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Cadillac is recalling nearly 30,000 of its SRX SUVs due to the fact that the vehicle’s wheels are in danger of falling off. While the company, General Motors Inc., has not reported any vehicle accidents or driver injuries due to the significant error, they announced that the wheel nuts holding the wheels in place were not properly tightened at the factory. Car dealers re-tighten the nuts for free. The recall affects nearly 20,000 vehicles in the United States, almost 1,000 in Canada, and the rest in other countries worldwide.

Recalls of faulty vehicles are common; this month, Nissan recalled over 840,000 cars from across the world due to a steering malfunction, while Subaru recalled over 5,000 cars for a similar steering problem. The simplest problem in a vehicle can lead to terrible accidents and injuries, so it is vitally important that car manufacturers are aware of any danger that their vehicles may pose, and that they act accordingly and recall them.

The range of vehicle malfunctions necessitating a recall is very wide. Last month numerous automobile manufacturers recalled millions of vehicles because of a dangerous airbag defect. Drivers who are injured due to faulty products should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney, as there may be grounds to collect damages regarding medical costs, lost wages and other factors.