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Brazilian Blowout Creator Admits Health Risks Are Associated With Products

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After settling a lawsuit with California (CA) state regulators, GIB LLC, the maker of Brazilian Blowout hair products, has agreed to alert customers about dangers associated with the products. USA Today reports that despite being advertised as formaldehyde-free, Brazilian Blowout Acai Smoothing Solution and Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Solution emit formaldehyde gas, which is a possible carcinogen.

Women across the nation have flocked to salons seeking the silky straight strands the Brazilian Blowout treatment promises. Leaving aside cancer concern, the fumes emitted from the har car products can irritate peope's eyes, skin and lungs.

Consumers and hair stylists deserve to know exactly what chemicals they're working with. Many parents allow their young daughters to receive this treatment, unaware of the dangers associated with the product. And stylists in popular salons worked with these products on a daily basis. Who knows what long-term health damage they may have suffered?

Brazilian Blowout products' creator has been ordered to pay $600,000 in fines for misleading the public about the presence of formaldehyde. But for individuals adversely affected by the product, this is simply not enough.


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1 Comment

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  1. Kenneth Thomas says:
    up arrow

    My thought is this. The Brazilian Blowout is still a great product. We need to start thinking about how we can use it safely. Will masks help? Where can we get these masks? We need to be more positive.
    What about other keratin treatments? What is the difference?