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Recalled Unsafe Products for Children Pose Risks of Injury or Death

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If you’re a new parent and have a young child, you’re probably going to be in the market for a crib and, if you have or live near a pool, you’ll want a baby float. During your research, be aware of Simplicity cribs and Aqua-Leisure baby floats. Both products were recalled due to major safety issues.

The Simplicity crib “drop side” series was the subject of a major recall (over 1.6 million cribs recalled). The defect originated in the plastic hardware. It can easily break causing the “drop side” mechanism to break off. This creates a space which a baby could roll into and potentially suffocate, according to newsrunner.com. Two babies, a nine-month-old and six-month-old, were killed due to the Simplicity crib defect.

Here’s a video discussing the Simplicity crib “drop side” series recall…


The Aqua-Leisure baby floats also have a defect which lead to a type of suffocation – drowning. The leg straps in the seat of the float can easily tear and your child can fall through into the water and drown, according to cpsc.gov. There have been over 30 reports of this tear.

Here’s a video discussing the Aqua-Leisure baby floats recall…


As an injury lawyer with 20 years of experience representing clients who’ve lost children in horrendous accidents, I strongly caution you to research the recall history of products you purchase for your child. This is especially true for bargain hunters who are looking for a deal online or at a discount retail store which may have the mentioned Simplicity or Aqua-Leisure products.

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