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Randy Appleton

Fair Compensation for Wrongful Death

What happens in fatal car wrecks? Like most other states, North Carolina has a wrongful death statute. Under this law, an experienced attorney can provide a family compensation for their loss. Direct economic losses in wrongful death cases are compensable. […]

Randy Appleton

1 Killed, 2 Injured on Ride At Ohio State Fair

The Ohio State Fair will reopen today, one day after one of its rides fell apart during operation. One man died and seven people were hurt. The rides will not be operational, however, until all of them have been reinspected […]

Eric Washburn

Florida Rock Band Involved in Serious Truck Crash

The rock band Adrenaline Mob was involved in a fatal tractor trailer accident near Micanopy, Florida on July 14. One member of the band, the bassist, died, while seven others were injured.  The Florida State Highway Patrol stated that the […]

Eric Washburn

Maryland and Virgina Inspectors Push Safety After Deadly Fair Accident

It is not clear at this time why a spinning and swinging ride at the Ohio State Fair malfunctioned in July, killing one person and injuring several others. In Virginia and Maryland, safety agencies say that both states have aggressive […]

Randy Appleton

Drivers Killed in Crashes Increasingly Found With Opioids in Their Systems

Prescription painkiller abuse and the related resurgence in heroin addiction have reached the point that the recently appointed Presidential Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis on July 31, 2017, felt compelled to call for an immediate declaration […]

Randy Appleton

West Virginia Drunk Driver Charged in Fatal Crash

West Virginia State Police stated April 24 that a man has been arrested and charged for the drunk driving death of a woman in the southern part of the state.  Media reports stated that a 40 year old male from […]

Randy Appleton

Driver Killed When Tractor-Trailer Goes Off CBBT

An investigation is under way to find out what caused a tractor-trailer to drive off the side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT) and plunge deep into the waters Thursday afternoon. Emergency responders managed to pull the 47-year-old driver of […]

Randy Appleton

Two Dead, Dozens Injured in Grisly Gas Tanker Crash

Two people were killed and more than a dozen other victims were injured in a grisly tractor trailer accident in Baltimore when a gas tanker skidded on the icy road and exploded. The fatal truck crash happened early Saturday morning […]

Rick Shapiro

Bus Driver Charged in Deadly Tennessee Accident

Just a day before their Thanksgiving break, a bus holding 35 children crashed into a tree in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Nov. 21, killing six elementary school children and leaving 24 others with injuries ranging from non-life threatening to serious. Local […]

Randy Appleton

FMCSA Declares Van Driver in Fatal Crash Is ‘Imminent Hazard Public Safety

Two months ago, our Virginia personal injury firm reported on a grisly Carolina County car crash that killed six people. The fatal auto accident occurred on I-95 northbound, on June 18th, at around midnight. A 50-year-old Chicago man was transporting […]