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Randy Appleton

West Virginia Drunk Driver Charged in Fatal Crash

West Virginia State Police stated April 24 that a man has been arrested and charged for the drunk driving death of a woman in the southern part of the state.  Media reports stated that a 40 year old male from […]

Randy Appleton

Driver Killed When Tractor-Trailer Goes Off CBBT

An investigation is under way to find out what caused a tractor-trailer to drive off the side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT) and plunge deep into the waters Thursday afternoon. Emergency responders managed to pull the 47-year-old driver of […]

Randy Appleton

Two Dead, Dozens Injured in Grisly Gas Tanker Crash

Two people were killed and more than a dozen other victims were injured in a grisly tractor trailer accident in Baltimore when a gas tanker skidded on the icy road and exploded. The fatal truck crash happened early Saturday morning […]

Rick Shapiro

Bus Driver Charged in Deadly Tennessee Accident

Just a day before their Thanksgiving break, a bus holding 35 children crashed into a tree in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Nov. 21, killing six elementary school children and leaving 24 others with injuries ranging from non-life threatening to serious. Local […]

Randy Appleton

FMCSA Declares Van Driver in Fatal Crash Is ‘Imminent Hazard Public Safety

Two months ago, our Virginia personal injury firm reported on a grisly Carolina County car crash that killed six people. The fatal auto accident occurred on I-95 northbound, on June 18th, at around midnight. A 50-year-old Chicago man was transporting […]

Rick Shapiro

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed In Deadly Motorcycle Accident

A Denville NJ teenager and her father, who is the owner of the car his daughter was driving, are being sued for negligence and wrongful death after a June crash in June on Route 15 near Morristown NJ that killed […]

Rick Shapiro

Alleged Child Decapitation on Water Slide Highlights Ride Safety

A 10 year-old boy was apparently decapitated on what is billed as the world’s tallest water slide in Kansas City, KS last week, which is increasing the spotlight on how closely water slides and amusement park rides are inspected across […]

Randy Appleton

New York State Passes Tougher Drunk Driving/Boating Law

A bill called Tiffany Heitkamp’s Law passed the New York State legislature last week, which will require state judges to consider earlier drunk driving and boating offenses when deciding on a sentence. The law is named after a 20 year […]

Rick Shapiro

AAA Sounds the Alarm on Marijuana-DUI Laws Across Country

AAA stated this week that setting a blood test limit for marijuana is impossible, noting that six states where marijuana is now legal have laws that require blood tests for possibly impaired drivers. Those tests have questionable scientific validity and […]

Guest Author

What Needs to Be Established for a Defective Product Case in Virginia

If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one due to a defective product, you may be able to pursue financial restitution through a defective product liability claim. In determining whether you have a valid claim, it is […]