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Rick Shapiro

Want to Reduce Medical Malpractice Claims? Reduce Preventable Mistakes

The best way to reduce medical malpractice claims is not by denying a victim’s access to the civil justice system or by capping malpractice damages. Those misguided policies place the burden on the backs of the harmed patients and do […]

Jim Lewis

Electrocution Threat from Third-Party Charger Leads Apple to Offer Replacement

After a series of electrocution incidents involving third-party chargers in China, Apple Inc. is offering to sell its brand-name chargers at reduced prices in order to lessen the risk of injury and death.  The announcement comes after two separate tragedies in […]

Jim Lewis

Boating Safety Tips for Beginners

Summer is in full swing, along with all the activities that people enjoy. One activity many participate in is recreational boating. Based on figures from actual state and Coast Guard registrations, it’s estimated that over 75 million people take part […]