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Jim Lewis

Falling trees: The silent danger in storms

Last week’s nor’easter has reminded us of a silent danger – large trees at risk of falling down in a storm and injuring someone.
The risk of injury isn’t trivial – a…

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$500,000.00 settlement in bar/nightclub case in Norfolk, Virginia

I recently settled a case against a bar/nightclub in Norfolk, Virginia for $500,000.00. Check out the full article here.

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Liability of nightclub/bars for drunken patrons

As a busy Virginia personal
injury attorney, I was recently pondering about a case I have against a Norfolk nightclub/bar. Here is the scenario. My client is in the bar minding his…

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Amusement Parks and Lawsuits

As a parent and an injury lawyer, I am amazed and scared by the threats posed to the public at theme parks. On June 29th, 2008, a 17 year old boy climbed two six foot fences and strolled into a…

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Diving Injury Paraplegic Awarded 16 Million

An 18 year old young man from Kansas dove from the dock into a lake in 2005 and came out without being able to walk again. The water where he dove was less than 4 feet deep, but was not properly marked. A jury in 2007 held the corporation that owned the lake responsible for this injury and awarded 20 millions dollars for the permanent, catastrophic injury to the young man. The jury did find…

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How to Win a Slip and Fall Case in Virginia (VA)

A personal injury lawsuit in Virginia (VA) has two parts: liability and damages. Damages are the result of the bodily injury to the person who is hurt, such as a broken bone and the lost wages and…

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Premises Liability or Slip and Fall Cases Are Very Hard to Win in States Like Virginia

In order to successfully recover for injuries caused by the owner or operator of a premises, you have to show that the business was negligent in that they failed to use ordinary care to keep their premises safe and to warn of hidden dangers. However, in Virginia, you also have to show that you, the injured person, are free from fault in causing your own injury and that the danger was not so…

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Ski Injuries Can Be Severe

Skiing is a fun winter-time sport that the whole family can participate in. However, skiing injuries can be permanently disabling. The use of helmets while skiing has greatly improved safety on the ski slopes. Skiers often collide with each other and fixed objects like trees. If you have a helmet on, you greatly increase your odds of avoiding a permanent, disabling brain injury or even…