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Jim Lewis

Hotel Balconies Can Be Dangerous for Toddlers

A hotel in Norfolk is set to pay almost $11 million in damages to the family of a toddler who fell to his death on September 4, 2011. Elijah Clayton, the two year old child of Chelsye Clayton,…

Rick Shapiro

Third Circuit Rejects Federal Railroad Safety Act Preemption

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided that the Federal Railroad Safety Act does not automatically preempt all state common law claims. Specifically, the Court said that the…

Randy Appleton

What’s Going on With Hotel Balconies?

A short time ago, two individuals lost their lives because of accidents at two Virginia Beach hotels. One was a toddler playing alone on the balcony and the other a young father on vacation with his…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Children Become Victims of Burn Injuries When No Preventive Measures Taken

In February 2011, the burn unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Virginia held its annual reunion for burn trauma patients in conjunction with National Burn Prevention Month. Recovering from a…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

Drowning Always a Risk in Area With Water and Boaters Everywhere

It’s practically impossible to live in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Virginia Beach or any other city or county in southern and eastern Virginia (VA) without spending time on the water. Sailing,…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

As ODU Grows, So Does School’s Responsibility for Protecting Students, Staff

Old Dominion University is essentially a small town. With 5,000 students living on campus in dorms and another estimated 2,500 students living in nearby neighborhoods, the school will soon be…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Vicious Dog Attacks Older Woman

Dog Bites Are a Serious Problem
There is the old saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Countless men and women nationwide find their dog to be a faithful and loving companion…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro, P.C.

Bed Bugs Creating Real Problems For Travelers

Bedbug Infestation Problem
The old saying, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” is becoming an unsettling reality. Bedbug sightings are on the rise nationwide…

Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Favaloro

Attractive Nuisance: Dangers Which Draw Children and Injure Them

Children are adventurous creatures, and their natural curiosity can often result in tragic situations when they decide to investigate something that is far more dangerous than they are capable of…

Randy Appleton

Pit Bull Attacks Newport News Police Officer

A police officer responding to a domestic disturbance call in Newport News, Virginia (VA), on Jan. 31, 2010, was bitten on the hand and arm by the family’s pit bull. The officer had to shoot the dog…