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Eric Washburn

New Report Rates Nursing Homes in Virginia and Nationwide

It is estimated that the number of Baby Boomers in this country is almost 80 million people. Between medical advances and the focus on healthy living and exercise, the age of life expectancy continues to increase. This means that, at […]

Randy Appleton

West Virginia Nursing Home Sued for Negligence

A man is suing AMFM LLC in Charleston, West Virginia, which is the owner of a nursing home where the man’s wife was a resident in 2015. The lawsuit alleges that Lula Jarvis died in the care of the nursing […]

Randy Appleton

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Alleged Nursing Home Abuse Case

A hospital and nursing home in New Hampshire are being sued for wrongful death in the case of an 87 year old man who died in 2011 after he developed pneumonia. According to court documents filed at Hillsborough NH County […]

Rick Shapiro

How Safe Are Home-Based Child Day Cares in Virginia?

As a Virginia Beach-based personal injury and wrongful death attorney, I primary help victims of workplace accidents and car crashes. My specialty is actually railroad safety, in particular representing individuals who contract life-threatening diseases from on-the-job exposure to chemicals and […]

Jim Lewis

Three Signs Your Loved One May Be the Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

Families looking for a nursing home for an elderly loved one have a difficult challenge. They often rely on the appearance of the facility and the friendliness of the staff to gauge the quality of a nursing home. When a […]

Jim Lewis

VA Beach’s West Neck Residence Care Facility Cited for Neglect

When a loved one can’t care for him or herself, family members often feel the best choice is to put that person in a facility that can offer proper care. It takes an enormous amount of trust to leave someone […]

Mark Favaloro

Understaffing Cited As Major National Nursing Home Problem

A recently issued national nursing home report card found that staffing issues existed in 96 percent of all states that were cited for poor nursing home care. The report, compiled by the Families for Better Care, provides a state-by-state analysis […]

Guest Author

Simple Steps Could Reduce Deadly Nursing Home Falls

A recent Huffington post article discussed one woman’s experience with her elderly mother’s frequent falls in a nursing home. The woman discussed the worry that resulted whenever the phone would ring late at night or early in the morning and […]

Mark Favaloro

New Legislation Before Congress Targets Ending Mandatory Arbitration Clause

An important bit of legislation made its way before Congress this past week when Minnesota Senator Al Franken and Georgia House Representative Hank Johnson proposed the Arbitration Fairness Act…

Guest Author

Uncensored Federal Nursing Home Inspections Report Released

Utilizing the Freedom of Information Act, ProPublica requested and received uncensored write-ups of problems found during nursing home inspections around the country. The online publication has…