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Rick Shapiro

Medical Malpractice: Virginia Surgical Team Mocks Patient and Creates False Diagnosis

A Virginia (VA) man who was about to be put under anesthesia for a colonoscopy procedure decided to turn on his cellphone’s audio recorder before the procedure so it would capture the doctor’s post-operation instructions.  As soon as he pressed […]

Guest Author

Concierge Medical Services Company Found Liable for Overpromising on Benefits

MDVIP, which contracts with doctors across the United States to provide concierge medical services has been ordered to pay the estate of a deceased woman $8.5 million. Jurors hearing a civil case in West Palm Beach, Florida (FL), held the […]

Guest Author

Misdiagnosis and Failure to Treat Led to Wrongful Death at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center

Can a broken finger prove fatal for a college sophomore? Sadly, yes, especially when the usually minor injury gets mistreated and an underlying chronic health condition remains unaddressed by doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Such errors, misdiagnoses and possible medical negligence […]

Rick Shapiro

VA Hospitals Have Work to Do on Preventing Patients’ Death From Medical Errors

An analysis of case records performed by reporters for the Washington Free Beacon revealed that between 2010 and 2014, 526 former members of the U.S. military died after a doctor, surgeon nurse or pharmacist working at U.S. Veterans Affairs medical […]

Guest Author

Medical Malpractice Victims Must Report Incidents, But Not to Receive Compensation

Every day, according to one of the latest and most carefully calculated estimates, thousands of Americans suffer injuries or die as a direct result of preventable medical mistakes. Errors made by doctors, surgeons, nurses and pharmacists range from misdiagnosing life-threatening illnesses […]

Patrick Austin

Bringing Transparency Back? CMS will Resume Reporting on Dropped HACs but not for Hospital Compare

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides insurance coverage to 100 million people and has been a vital source for information about hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) for years. HACs include a variety of hospital mistakes from preventable infections to […]

Rick Shapiro

Legendary Comedienne Joan Rivers’ Death Leads to Medical Safety Questions at Outpatient Facilities

The world lost iconic comedienne Joan Rivers today following a complication with what should have been a routine outpatient procedure performed on August 28. Now, the question everyone is asking is “What went wrong?” and the New York State Department […]

Rick Shapiro

A New Concern in the Cause of Hospital Errors: Cognitive Bias

A doctor’s preventable mistake at Tufts Medical Center spotlights a lesser-known cause of potential deadly hospital errors: cognitive bias. The Boston Globe recently reported the story of a woman who died at Tufts after a procedure to relieve pain from […]

Jim Lewis

Spectrum Health Enters Into Confidential Settlement Over Newborn’s Brain Injury

On August 4, Spectrum Health entered into a confidential settlement with a family whose child suffered brain damage as a result of a negligently performed blood transfusion. The settlement put an end to a two-year legal battle and the family’s […]

Jim Lewis

Study Estimates Incidence of Preventable Patient Death in Hospitals at 210,000-400,000 Annually

Until last year, no one had issued a comprehensive assessment of the risk of patient harms associated with hospital care since a 1999 Institute of Medicine (IOM) study that used data from 1984. After 30 years, we finally have new […]