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Rick Shapiro

Rail Workers’ Health Problems Increasingly Cited as Accident Causes

Sometimes years-long investigations by federal, state, local and company officials follow any accident involving a train. Regardless of whether the rail mishap was a derailment, collision, cargo spill, fire or explosion, hundreds of experts devote thousands of hours to determining […]

Patrick Austin

Virginia Senators Seek Tougher Regulations for Crude Oil Trains

The US senators in Virginia are asking for more regulations of railroad shipments of crude oil, as well as more efficient communication with local first responders this week, after a CSX train derailed last week in Lynchburg. Three oil tanker […]

Patrick Austin

Rail Agencies Adopting Smoking Policies to Cover E-Cigarettes

FDA has not yet attempted to control the use and sale of electronic cigarettes, but many transit agencies around the US are getting ahead of the game. They are starting to adopt regulatory policies that treat e-cigarettes the same as […]

Rick Shapiro

New York MTA Begins Installation Of Thousands Of Audio and Video Recorders On Commuter Trains

After CSX took an important step last month of installing inside-facing video cameras into the cabins of some of its trains, it appears that other train operators are following suit. Late last month the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority revealed […]

Kevin Duffan

Federal Suit Focuses on Toxic Chemical Safety on MN Railways

Railroad safety has been under the microscope across the US since last July. That is when 47 people died as a runaway oil train exploded in Quebec. Also, a tanker train derailed last December in North Dakota, which caused a […]

Jim Lewis

Crude Oil Tanker Train Controversy Ignites in Virginia

Virginia environmentalists are concerned that an increase in tanker trains carrying crude oil to a new shipping center in Yorktown could lead to a serious environmental disaster. The issue is the crude oil that is being shipped in from the Bakken […]

Randy Appleton

Regulators Say Jail Time Possible For Crude Oil Transporters Who Flout New Rules

The U.S. Department of Transportation finally appears ready to give some teeth to regulations that would require oil transporters to improve the safety of their shipments. Following several recent oil spills and explosive train derailments, the DOT has begun taking […]

Kevin Duffan

New Survey Reveals Financial Harm Caused By Asbestos Exposure

A recent study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine has noted the disastrous consequences of asbestos exposure on the American workforce. The research, conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, discovered that between 1999 and […]

Randy Appleton

U.S. Senators Use Metro-North Railroad Accidents to Investigate Railroad Safety

Keeping railroad workers and passengers safe should be the number one priority of railroad companies.  However as a railroad accident attorney I have seen railroad companies deny all accountability for their actions.  This includes everything from train derailment injuries to deadly […]

Rick Shapiro

New Fiber Optic Technology Can Detect Dangerous Railroad Accidents Before They Occur

Leaps and bounds in innovation and technology are continually making our world a better place to live in.  Now technology is making railroads safer and preventing serious crashes from occurring in passenger and freight trains.  The new technology consists of a string of […]