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VA Teen Commits Suicide After Football Concussion

A Virginia (VA) high school student who got a concussion while playing football committed suicide two days later. His death is being investigated, according to the Daily Mail.

The teen, age 17,…

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Virginia Tech Professor Advances Head Injuries Research

A Virginia Tech professor is advancing research to reduce football brain injuries, according to Daily Press.
The professor of biomedical engineering at Virginia Tech might not have all the answers…

Rick Shapiro

PTSD May Add to Tornado Victims’ Suffering

April 2011 will go down in meteorological history as one of the most active and deadly months for tornadoes ever. The month began with an outbreak of more than 100 twisters between Oklahoma (OK) and…

Rick Shapiro

Liam Neeson Speaks Out About Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

While reading the recent interview by Liam Neeson about his wife’s tragic death in a ski accident, I couldn’t help wondering if she had been wearing a helmet would she still be alive today?…

Rick Shapiro

Department of Defense Issues New Directives on Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

According to the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative services, 20,000 Virginia (VA) residents suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) each year.

TBI can be caused by exposure to…

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Experienced Injury Lawyers in a Navy/Military Town: Why Navy/Military Families Need Top Navy/Military Town Injury Lawyers

The Virginian-Pilot wrote about military members recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) due to battle-related injuries…and car accidents. In a Navy/Military area such as Hampton Roads,…

Jim Lewis

Workers Suffering From Brain Injuries Deserve Equal Compensation Rights

You’re better off dying than suffering a brain injury in the state of Virginia (VA). This is the opinion shared by State Sen. Richard Stuart and many others, according to The…

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Virginia (VA) Woman Suffers Brain Injury Caused by Teenagers in Automobile Collision

According to an article in the Virginia Lawyers Weekly, a nurse from Falls Church, Virginia (VA), named Molly Raymond, suffered mild brain injury after being hit by two cars, both driven by teenagers. Because of the brain injury, she has no longer been able to work or continue her regular activities. The lawsuit from this accident was pending in the Fairfax, Virginia (VA) Circuit Court. The…

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Brain Injury: The Walking Wounded

A recent medical study of professional football players has showed that brain injury is a more significant problem, than thought. However, brain injury has probably been ignored or down played in the NFL and the medical community for a long time. Because brain injury is not always as obvious as some kind of a broken bone, it is easier to forget about or treat the injury as less than a real…

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A Hospital Is No Place For A Sick Person

We have all heard a similar joke, even from health care providers, that the last place you want to be if you are sick is the hospital.Hospitals are dangerous places. In addition to infections, there are many other dangers of injury and death posed by hospitals that are preventable. An independent agency has determined that nearly a hundred thousand people die each year because of medical…