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Rick Shapiro

Steps You Can Take When You Receive the Wrong Medication and Get Sicker

In April 2018, leading pharmacy trade magazine Drug Topics published a feature titled “Your 10 Worst Pharmacy Mistakes.” One pharmacists wrote about directing a parent to give a child a teaspoon of an opioid-infused cough suppressant instead of 1 milliliter. […]

Randy Appleton

Makers of Xarelto Pay Physicians More Than Any Other Drug Company

Far too often, our Virginia personal injury law firm has brought our readers information about dangerous drugs which are on the market despite the serious side effects they can cause. One of those drugs we’ve written about is Xarelto, a […]

Rick Shapiro

Watch Out for the Deadly Duodenoscope Superbug

Olympus, the manufacturer of the endoscope involved in two superbug deaths at UCLA, never had FDA approval to sell the device. The device is used in patients with gastrointestinal complaints. The FDA was unaware, until 2013, that Olympus started selling […]

Guest Author

FDA Requires New Warnings, Tighter Prescribing for Low-T Treatments

Extensive advertising for testosterone replacement therapy that promises sufferers of the recently minted condition of “low-T” benefits such as weight loss, increased muscle mass, higher sexual drive, increased sexual performance and sharper mental concentration has prompted growing numbers of men […]

Jim Lewis

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Surprises Drug Companies With Potentially Damaging Decision

Drug companies are likely unhappy and worried about future lawsuits after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a ruling late last month which said they could be sued for defectively designed drugs, something that has not previously been allowed. The 4-2 […]

Patrick Austin

Risks Associated with New Diabetes Medication May Outweigh Potential Benefits

The dangers of Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca diabetes medication may outweigh their benefits, according to U.S. regulators. The two pills, which represent a new class of diabetes medication, are targeted not only at diabetics, but also those that suffer from high blood pressure and […]

Randy Appleton

Electronic Cigarette Makers Feel Increasing Heat From Safety Officials

Public health officials in the nation’s three largest cities are currently weighing plans to ban the smoking of electronic cigarettes, known as “vaping.” The move is being advocated by some health officials who say the vapors emitted by e-cigarettes can […]

Mark Favaloro

Young Women Claim HPV Vaccine Left Them Infertile

Two young women from Wisconsin have filed a claim in federal court arguing that the HPV vaccines they received led to premature ovarian failure and left them unable to get pregnant. The two women, 19 and 20-year-old sisters, have sparked […]

Jim Lewis

USPlabs Supplement, OxyElite Pro, Responsible for Hepatitis Outbreaks

If you google OxyELITE Pro you’ll come up with a guarantee that the product is a pharmacist formulated “Super Thermogenic™” so laser targeted, its potency is unmatched.  It sounds very impressive doesn’t it?  It even goes on to say, “Unlike […]

Guest Author

How to Protect Yourself from Dangerous Online Pharmacies

In this economy saving money on the cost of medications is a big deal to thousands of Americans. One way people try to save money is by purchasing their medicine through on-line pharmacies. Although there are reputable ones there are […]