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Rick Shapiro

Thoratec Heart Device May Pose Serious Risk of Injury

Thoratec Corp., a mini heart pump manufacturing company, released an urgent safety advisory about the use of their pocket controller after four patients died and five others were injured due to the device’s use. The notice, which included new labeling […]

Jim Lewis

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Surprises Drug Companies With Potentially Damaging Decision

Drug companies are likely unhappy and worried about future lawsuits after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a ruling late last month which said they could be sued for defectively designed drugs, something that has not previously been allowed. The 4-2 […]

Jim Lewis

USPlabs Supplement, OxyElite Pro, Responsible for Hepatitis Outbreaks

If you google OxyELITE Pro you’ll come up with a guarantee that the product is a pharmacist formulated “Super Thermogenic™” so laser targeted, its potency is unmatched.  It sounds very impressive doesn’t it?  It even goes on to say, “Unlike […]

Mark Favaloro

Plaintiffs Win Big In Oklahoma Toyota Sudden Acceleration Case

In an important development in the Toyota sudden acceleration debacle, a jury in Oklahoma became the first in the country to declare the company liable for the deaths of innocent vehicle occupants. The jury verdict prompted Toyota to reach a […]

Randy Appleton

Push Underway For FDA To Begin Regulating Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have exploded in popularity over the last three years with industry experts estimating that the number of such devices sold in the U.S. has doubled in only the last two years. Others predict that within 10 years there […]

Jim Lewis

Model Airplanes Receive Attention After Fatal Crash

The New York Times recently covered the case of a teenage model plane enthusiast who died in a Brooklyn park earlier this month after the remote-controlled plane he was piloting crashed and hit him in the head. The attention the […]

Mark Favaloro

The Dangers Of (Electronic) Smoking

In a recent freak accident, a woman from Atlanta said that her e-cigarette exploded, shooting four-foot flames across her living room and ultimately charring several pieces of furniture. The accident was a bizarre one that left the woman scared about […]

Randy Appleton

FDA Issues Warnings about Dangerous “All Natural” Diabetes Drugs

It seems like you can’t open up your e-mail these days or browse the internet without seeing ­sidebar adds promoting “all natural” cure-alls for products that promise cure almost anything including diabetes. As our population continues to age so does […]

Jim Lewis

Should Women Consider Yaz, Yazmin and Nuvaring Birth Control Dangerous Drugs?

When it comes to modern birth control it seems there are plenty of options.  But many of these options carry dangerous risks and complications.  When choosing a birth control it’s important to be informed.  Here is a brief overview of […]

Guest Author

First Toyota Sudden Acceleration Wrongful Death Case Heads To Trial

The first wrongful death suit against Toyota involving the 2009-2010 sudden acceleration issue has begun in California. The case concerns the death of Norika Uno who died in a 2009 crash. Attorneys suing the automaker on behalf of Uno’s family […]