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Edwin Booth

Alarming Spike in Ocular Burns to Children from Detergent Pods

Any parent of a young toddler or small child knows how critical it is to safeguard their home in order to prevent their child from getting into dangerous products which could cause serious harm or even be fatal. However, there […]

Kevin Duffan

Will the NHTSA Change Its Vehicle Recall Process?

A recent decision by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) may be an indication that the agency could eventually change the process by which it issues vehicle recalls. The current recall process involves manufacturers notifying vehicle owners by mail […]

Edwin Booth

Who Protects the Public from Dangerous and Defective Products?

As consumers, we have the right to expect that the products we purchase are safe. We expect that the product we are buying has gone through rigorous testing and inspections to ensure that it is safe. Unfortunately, that isn’t always […]

Edwin Booth

More Jeeps Roll and Injure Drivers

The death of actor Anton Yelchin last summer, who died when his Jeep Grand Cherokee crushed him as he was checking his mailbox at his home in Los Angeles, was viewed at first as a freak accident. However, an investigation […]

Randy Appleton

Another Automaker Dumps Takata Airbags

Fiat Chrysler is the latest automaker that reports it will stop using Takata airbags, which has been the subject of recall of at least 10,000,000 units in the past few years. The airbags have been tied to causing as many […]

Rick Shapiro

How to Avoid Product Recalls – Test, Test and Test Some More

Some experts believe that the recent rise in product liability lawsuits is being driven in part by regulators, but they advise that businesses that want to avoid product liability lawsuits should take great pains to avoid putting out defective products.  […]

Rick Shapiro

Boston Scientific Adds New Warnings to Surgical Mesh Medical Devices

Boston Scientific Corp. is adding new safety warnings to the labels for its medical devices that are among the most heavily litigated: surgical mesh devices that are used to repair pelvic disorders in women. The medical device manufacturer has faced […]

Kevin Duffan

What Needs to Be Established for a Defective Product Case in Virginia

If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one due to a defective product, you may be able to pursue financial restitution through a defective product liability claim. In determining whether you have a valid claim, it is […]

Rick Shapiro

Watch Out for the Deadly Duodenoscope Superbug

Olympus, the manufacturer of the endoscope involved in two superbug deaths at UCLA, never had FDA approval to sell the device. The device is used in patients with gastrointestinal complaints. The FDA was unaware, until 2013, that Olympus started selling […]

Rick Shapiro

Thoratec Heart Device May Pose Serious Risk of Injury

Thoratec Corp., a mini heart pump manufacturing company, released an urgent safety advisory about the use of their pocket controller after four patients died and five others were injured due to the device’s use. The notice, which included new labeling […]