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Randy Appleton

WV Man Sentenced for Drowsy Driving Fatality

A man in West Virginia who was responsible for a deadly March 2017 crash on Route 15 in West Virginia was sentenced this month to a year in state prison.  The 22 year old man was found guilty of one […]

Randy Appleton

Bus Driver Arrested in Virginia on DUI and Drug Charges

A bus from West Georgia Technical College was going north on I-81 today when the bus went into the right lane and sideswiped a tractor trailer. The bus then ran off the left side of the road and over corrected […]

Randy Appleton

WV To No Longer Use Deadly Guardrails

The WV Department of Transportation stated last week it will no longer use a controversial guardrail that has contributed to several deaths. West Virginia officials stated that no new Lindsay X-LITE guardrails will be installed in the state. But there […]

Randy Appleton

Virginia Man Charged for DUI Crash that Killed to Men in Pennsylvania

A Virginian is facing charges after a drunk driving crash that killed two Lancaster County, Pennsylvania men. The 30 year old man was charged in Pennsylvania with two counts of vehicular homicide while DUI and other charges related to a […]

Randy Appleton

Driver That Killed Infant Sentenced to 1 Year in Jail

The SUV driver who hit and killed an infant in a stroller in Lansdowne, Virginia in a crosswalk was sentenced this month to a year in jail. The sentence was the maximum that the 47 year old Leesburg man could […]

Eric Washburn

Who Pays for Damages when At-Fault Driver in Borrowed Vehicle?

When most people think of car accident injury claims, they usually think that the at-fault driver is the one who the claim is filed against and it is their auto insurance carrier that will ultimately be responsible for paying the […]

Randy Appleton

West Virginia Judge Hands Down Harshest Possible Sentence in Fatal DUI Case

Judge John Hatcher in Fayetteville, West Virginia gave the harshest sentence possible under state law on Dec. 28 to a young woman who was driving under the influence of drugs when she killed a married couple on June 18, 2015 […]

Rick Shapiro

Fatal Car Accident Rate in West Virginia Higher Than National Average

At least 240 people were killed in car accidents in West Virginia in 2015, according to state statistics. The fatality rate in West Virginia is higher than the national average.  Experts speculate the mountainous terrain, speeding, and alcohol consumption on […]

Rick Shapiro

Herndon, Virginia Crime Spree Results in 5 Injuries

A woman and five children suffered serious injuries when a stolen pickup truck slammed into a minivan on December 27 in a police chase in Herndon, Virginia. Police reported that all parties who were injured are still in the hospital. […]

Randy Appleton

Study: Older Texting Drivers More Dangerous than Teen Drivers Who Text

There have been many studies and articles written about the dangers of teenagers texting and driving. One study, however, found that older drivers who text and drive may be more dangerous behind the wheel than teens who text and drive […]