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When Is The Right Time to Contact a Norfolk Car Accident Lawyer?

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The sooner the better. You should not wait to contact a Norfolk car accident attorney to discuss your legal options. Insurance companies hope that you will wait to speak to a lawyer. That is a big reason why many insurance adjusters attempt to contact you within 24 hours of a car wreck. They want to try and assess the damages and potential settlement before you even get the chance to call a car accident lawyer.

You should definitely speak to a Norfolk car wreck lawyer if the insurance company is giving you the run around. Remember, the insurance company is not your friend. The insurance industry is known for denying and delaying legitimate claims because their business model is focused on trying to pay out as little as possible. If they are hard to reach or if they are disputing your medical treatment, you need to get a lawyer involved to fight for you.

You should also take action sooner rather than later because there is a two-year statute of limitations in Virginia for a car accident personal injury claim. This means if you wait too long to speak to a lawyer, you may be unable to take legal action against the other driver.

For more legal info about your rights after a car accident, take a moment to visit this page.